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Feedback for Ryuji Takeuchi / Beginning End


Ryuji Takeuchi - Beginning End

Audio Injection / Crazy stuff!

Bas Mooy / Sick release! love it :)

Brendon Moeller / some wicked trax here… look forward to a proper listen

Claude Young / Absolutely Brilliant Deep Mechanical Techno!!! I love it!!! will play!!!

Coefficient / Interesting tones and textures in all these tracks. Looking forward to listening to this more. Drone ambience of track 1 and the deep offbeat tones of track 4 immediately stand out…Good work..

Ctrls / Nice textures, look forward to really checking the whole thing in detail.

Deepbass / Quality album, from beautiful to brutal ;)

Dr Hoffmann / Love the whole album, quality work from Ryuji! Full support. Thanks

Hiroaki Iizuka / 様々なスタイルの音が入っていて、すごく良いアルバムです。深くて素晴らしい。

Inigo Kennedy / Great selection of atmospheres!

Israel Vines / Wow. Excellent material here from Ryuji Takeuchi and Hue Helix. Full support!

Kr!z(TOKEN) / interesting, sounds good. will give it a good listen and will surely play some tracks of this, support.

Lars Klein / excellent artist album. greta work.

Mike Darkfloor(DVNT) / HueHelix continues their prowess with Takeuchi’s debut LP.
A diverse techno offering of an album, going beyond the collection of club tracks for a techno album.

Pfirter / downloading thanks

Relapso / Very nice tracks from Ryuji

Revelation Of Noise / Great music! thnx!

Rolf Mulder / Very Dark, one for the big soundsystems

Svreca (Semantica) / Nice collection of tracks. Huehelix has become quickly in one of the most interesting labels out there.

Systemic / Great album, highlights for me are Beginning Of The End, Evil Dance & Left Behind.

Takaaki Itoh / LIKE TRK1.

Tommy Four Seven / Sounds brilliant so far. I must download for a closer listen! thanks

Virgil Enzinger / Very Powerful Album from Beginning to The End! *****/*****

Go Hiyama / Reverse Club 15 NOV 2013

HUE HELIX channnel on Youtube »>

Feedback for Oscar Mulero / Break Down EP

Oscar Mulero / Break Down EP / HHXV001

A.Mochi / great ep! really like 2nd track!! kongo ni kitai shitemasu!

Audio Injection/Truncate / Mulero doesn’t disappoint.

Blank Code / Great release all around!

Brendon Moeller / another solid release from a techno hero!

Chris Finke / Sounds wicked! Track 2 is the standout for me here but all 3 are firing :)

Christian Wunsch / great ep!!!full support!!

Coefficient / Good to see HueHelix releasing vinyl. All 3 tracks from Oscar Mulero are great. Support!

Ctrls / Solid Mulero vibes

Donor / Great release! Really like the ”Dark Encounter” track.

Dr Hoffmann / HueHelix kicking off the vinyl series in style, Oscar is a great choice and he delivered 3 killer tunes. Thanks

Drumcell / great EP!!

Edit Select / great -) thank you

Erphun / Resistance is the one for me. Very nice groove :)

Exium / Solid release, will play and chart, thanks.

Haiku / 6/5

Hugo Paixao / Nice Release! will test out for sure :)

Inigo Kennedy / Three great tracks from Oscar Mulero here. Nice and deep!

Israel Vines / Excellent release. Full support.

Lars Klein / Awesome stuff. Love this one. Support for full ep.

Luis Ruiz / B1-Break down for me, brillant.. OM good like always.

Max_M / Amazing, really good start, can’t wait to spin on vinyl.

Mike Darkfloor / A bloody fine EP from Mulero - he’s a reliable producer who always shows fine techno cuts. From these 3 I think it’s Dark Encounter I’m liking the most. Will support.

MTD / Awesome! full support

Ness / Hat off as usual, i never get enough from this man.

NX1 - Samot / Big EP! support! Thanks!.

NX1 - Surit / Pure O.M. 5/5

Kero / fine tunage! will drop in my set.

Kr!z (Token) / great stuff as always from Oscar. will play a lot.

Kwartz / Amazing work from Oscar, can’t choose only one favourite, love all three tracks, thanks!

Octave / Very nice release !

Paul Boex / Oscar always delivers!

Paul Mac / Liking all 3 tracks on this one will be sure to play these for a good while

Peter Van Hoesen / Nice one. I especially like the last track.

Raiz / yes to resistance!

Rolf Mulder / Good one for grasping for breath on the floor. thnx.

Systemic / Amazing EP! Resistance is the highlight for me.

Svreca / Excellent 12”. Full support.

Tommy Four Seven / Great work as always!

HueHelix on Bandcamp

Ryuji Takeuchi / Begining End / HHX016



FEED BACK for Go Hiyama / Exfoliate


A.Mochi / インダストリアルテクノの伝統を守りきってる抜けの良い音が潔くてすごい!

Audio Injection - Truncate / Really good stuff in here thanks!

Bas Mooy / Good stuff, as always!

Brendon Moeller / great release. perfect combination of industrial and techno-funk.

Coefficient / No one does techno music quite like Go Hiyama. Love all the tracks in this release. Look Back and Inequality will get played the most. Universally Gap is crazy good..Will play, chart and support.

Ctrls / Great stuff, will definitely play a few of these.

Dr Hoffmann / Quality release, like the diversity of it. I am in love with Inveterate! Thanks.

Drumcell / nice package.. there is a few tracks o really like

Exium / quality stuff,def some picks here,support!

Hiroaki Iizuka / go hiyama名義では初のアルバムですね。オリジナリティがあって、すごく良いアルバムです。

Inigo Kennedy / Great raw electronic music from Go Hiyama! ’Swell’ is my pick but there are plenty of good ones in this collection!

Israel Vines / As always, full support for HueHelix. Go Hiyama has one of the most focused and clinical signatures on the techno sound and continues to evolve with each release. Excellent.

MTD / Great! always great music from Go Hiyama

Ness / Great package, diggin these tracks. Thanks so much.

NX1(Surit) / Universally Gap & swell at the first listening but sure we’ll use some of here! very very nice release.

Oscar Mulero / High class production as always with Go’s music.
Great Job. full support

Paul Mac / Excellent stuff from a true original. A lot of good tracks here need some time to digest and pick a favorite

P.E.A.R.L. / Thanks for good music! will play for sure

Project 313 / Very nice release all around. Thanks!

Radial / hiyama = art !

Relapso (Delko) / Great release from Go. I like the track Slant!!!

Revelation Of Noise / Great stuff! thnx a lot!

Svreca (Semantica) / Excellent release. Full support.

Systemic / Excellent release throughout, highlights for me are Inveterate, Universally Gap and Inequality.

Tommy Four Seven / Killer!

Yuji Kondo - Ducerey Ada Nexino / Great album’s concept. People can enjoy all tracks at both places, home and floor.
”Swell” is the boss of this album for me.
Thank you.